Epitalon in Pooler, GA

Epitalon Therapy in Pooler, GA

Reclaim Your Youthful Energy

With our Epitalon Treatments.

Epitalon is a synthetic peptide that has emerged as a groundbreaking treatment in anti-aging and wellness. Known for its ability to stimulate the production of telomerase, an enzyme integral to DNA repair and cellular health, Epitalon works at a molecular level to combat the natural decline associated with aging. This treatment is particularly effective in enhancing overall vitality and well-being, making it suitable for individuals seeking to slow down the aging process, improve their health, and maintain youthful vigor. While Epitalon doesn’t target specific physical areas, its systemic effects can lead to improved energy levels, better quality of sleep, and enhanced skin appearance.

At Serenity Med Spa of Georgia in Pooler, GA, we offer Epitalon Therapy as part of our comprehensive wellness solutions. Administered through a series of injections, this therapy is designed to be quick, efficient, and comfortable, with minimal to no discomfort. Clients often begin to notice the benefits of Epitalon within a short period after starting the treatment, with effects that can last for months, depending on individual factors such as lifestyle and overall health. If you’re looking to embrace a healthier, more rejuvenated life, explore the potential of Epitalon Therapy. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

The Perfect Combination Treatment to optimize skin results!

Combine Virtue RF Microneedling with CoolPeel Laser within the same appointment to gain the most benefits from both treatments. Achieve unmatched results in as little as 3 combination treatments spaced 1 month apart.


What Skin Types can benefit from Tetra CO2 or CoolPeel Laser Treatments?

Patients have to be evaluated prior to Laser Skin Resurfacing treatments as there are restrictions (skin type and skin tone). Light to medium skin tones are usually safe to treat, however, Dr. Misal Patel and our skilled nurse and laser practitioner will help to decide whether you are an ideal candidate for TetraCO2/CoolPeel Laser.



Benefits of Epitalon Therapy:


Epitalon Therapy is ideal for individuals seeking natural anti-aging solutions and overall wellness enhancement.

Results may vary; some clients report feeling improvements after a few sessions.

The longevity of results can vary; continuous therapy may help maintain benefits.

Minimal downtime is required, and side effects are generally minimal.

Before Epitalon therapy, ensure you are well-hydrated and disclose all current medications to your healthcare provider. After the treatment, maintain hydration, follow a healthy diet and exercise routine, and adhere to any specific aftercare instructions given by your healthcare professional for optimal results.

Expect a series of quick, minimally invasive injections, typically with little discomfort.

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