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Immunity Repair is a specialized service designed to bolster your immune system, an essential component for maintaining overall health and vitality. At Serenity Med Spa, our approach to enhancing immune function includes an array of advanced therapies and treatments, tailored to fortify your body’s natural defenses against illness. We use a combination of IV vitamin infusions, known for their efficiency in delivering essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream, alongside top-quality immune-boosting supplements and expert nutritional counseling. These components work synergistically to reinforce your immune system, making our service ideal for those looking to stay healthy, especially during flu season, recover more robustly from illnesses, or simply seeking to enhance their general well-being.

Our Serenity Med Spa team is committed to providing personalized care. We understand that each individual’s immune system is unique, and therefore, our treatments are customized to meet your specific health requirements and goals. If you want to improve your immune system’s resilience and maintain your health year-round, we invite you to explore our Immunity Repair services. Schedule an appointment and we will devise a tailored treatment plan to help you feel your best and strengthen your body’s natural defenses.

The Perfect Combination Treatment to optimize skin results!

Combine Virtue RF Microneedling with CoolPeel Laser within the same appointment to gain the most benefits from both treatments. Achieve unmatched results in as little as 3 combination treatments spaced 1 month apart.


What Skin Types can benefit from Tetra CO2 or CoolPeel Laser Treatments?

Patients have to be evaluated prior to Laser Skin Resurfacing treatments as there are restrictions (skin type and skin tone). Light to medium skin tones are usually safe to treat, however, Dr. Misal Patel and our skilled nurse and laser practitioner will help to decide whether you are an ideal candidate for TetraCO2/CoolPeel Laser.



Benefits of Immunity Repair Services:


Immunity Repair treatment is ideal for anyone seeking to enhance their immune system’s strength and overall health.

Results can vary; some may notice improvements shortly after beginning the treatment.

Continuous improvement is seen with regular Immunity Repair treatments and adherence to prescribed supplements and nutritional advice.

No significant downtime; side effects are minimal and vary depending on the treatment.

Stay hydrated and follow any specific instructions provided by your Serenity healthcare professional.

Expect a comfortable experience, typically including IV infusions or supplement administration, under professional supervision.

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