Virtue RF is now available at Serenity Med-Spa of Georgia in Pooler

Our team at Serenity Med-Spa is excited to offer Virtue RF Microneedling to patients looking to improve their skin health and beauty. RF Microneedling is one of the most in demand aesthetic treatments as patients today expect results with limited to no downtime. Dr. Shital Patel invested in the VirtueRF Microneedling system because he wanted to provide a skin rejuvenation system safe and effective for all generations and all ethnic backgrounds. The system offers the utmost precision and sophistication for our patients. VirtueRF tackles a wide range of skin concerns from fine lines and wrinkles, acne and scarring, skin texture issues and enlarged pores, stretch marks, and precise applications for under-eye bags, jowls, and submental areas.

VirtueRF offers more power, pulse duration and more customizable setting options than any other RF Microneedling device on the market today.  More energy and versatile settings means improved results that are long lasting.

When can our patients expect to see results?

Visible skin results can be seen immediately and will continue to improve over time. Virtue RF helps to stimulate collagen and elastin fiber production which helps to repair tissue, plump and tighten skin and allows us to address specific skin concerns. 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart are recommended for best results. Annual maintenance treatments are also suggested.

Is there any downtime?

No, there is no downtime involved. The day of treatment we recommend not to wear makeup for 6-12 hours after the treatment if possible. Mineral based wide spectrum sunscreen with an SPF50 should be worn daily to protect skin from harmful UV rays. There are no social restrictions with Virtue RF. Immediately after treatment patients can expect a bit of red-ness and a mild burning sensation (much like a mild sunburn) and a feeling of tightness in the area of treatment. This will subside within hours post treatment. Our Franz SkinCare Microcurrent Mask is applied immediately after treatment to help with edema, redness and tightness.

Smart RF Microneedling at Serenity Med Spa

Smart RF

36 Needle Handpiece for comfortable treatment of face, hands and decolleté.

Deep RF Microneedling at Serenity Med Spa

Deep RF

36 Needle Handpiece with cooling plate for tightening, smoothing & advanced body treatments.

Exact RF Microneedling at Serenity Med Spa

Exact RF

Single Needle Handpiece to target around the mouth, eyes and jawline with complete precision.

Do Virtue RF treatments hurt ?

No, numbing cream is applied prior to the treatment and treatments are virtually pain-free.

Unmatched Versatility & Sophisticated Design

With the ability to add multiple handpieces, VirtueRF offers more versatility than other leading RF Microneedling products. Designed to maximize results and offer an amazing experience for our patients. Interested in this treatment? Contact us to request your appointment.

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